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Face Lift Surgery for Men in New York

Manhattan, New York City

The aging process can result in sagging of the face and neck, as well as wrinkling. Our face lift procedure works to tighten and tone the face by manipulating the muscle, fat and skin present. Face lift is a popular procedure for men, because it can reduce the signs of aging quickly with very noticeable results.

Face Lift Surgery for Men in New YorkThe Facelift Procedure
Dr. Lefkovits will place the incision in the hair and behind the ears, although a part also lies in front of the ear which corresponds to a crease. In some cases this scar can be directed inside the ear canal. A small incision under the chin is also usually required. Overall, the scars usually heal well, or are camouflaged inside the hair. The surgery is performed in the office operating facility with intravenous sedation.

A large bandage is worn for about two days. The stitches begin to come out after four days and are completely removed at seven to ten days. There may be a sense of tightness especially in the neck region for several weeks. Men with fine to moderate wrinkling of the face may need laser resurfacing after three months. Fat transplantation into facial creases may also be performed simultaneously. Your bone structure, heredity as well as skin texture may affect the rejuvenating result, as well as affect the duration of your facelift.

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